Awarded NAEF Grants

Over $500,000

Cash Donations toward original construction cost of the Benvenuti Performing Arts Center

Over $100,000

 Annual commitment of $18,000/year for ongoing expenses to maintain and support the Benvenuti Performing Arts Center through 2018

Over $10,000

  • $25,000 – General travel expenses to support student and teacher ambassadors for One Voice project trip to China
  • $22,000 – Microphone and sound equipment at the Benvenuti Performing Arts Center
  • $11,000 – Professional development for teachers
  • $10,500 – Matching high school fundraising effort for outdoor LED display and sign
  • $10,000 – New seating for high school performance space

Under $10,000

$9,000 – For K-12 public schools 

$8,450 – Local K-5 school supplies and equipment (a matching grant)

$7,000 – A shade structure for an elementary school playground

$6,000 – Local baseball and soccer field recovery work

$6,000 – Purchase of visual art desks and stools (a matching grant)

$5,000 – Pottery wheels and classroom electrical retrofitting for high school visual arts department

$4,000 – Production and installment of BPAC promotional banners along Del Paso Road

$3,000 – Funding student participation in the American Theater Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland

$2,000 – Support of local high school production of Grease (matching grant)

$1,450 – Supporting “Source,” an original multi-media art, student production

$1,325 – Music Department’s equipment needs (matching grant)

$1,000 – Professional development software

$1,000 – Performing Arts Academy dance department storage

$1,000 – Grades K-5 general art expenditures

$800 – Middle school math department manipulatives

$750 – General art supplies to support middle school

$700 – Support travel for teacher to the Dirksen Congressional Center Summer Institute

$450 – Portable drying rack for middle school

$350 – P.E. equipment for K-12 school recess

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