Fall 2018
News From The Heart of Art in Natomas

Message from NAEF Director, Sierra Hersek

Our Summer programs were a big hit! The video below, featuring the cast of our Youth Theatre For All production of Bye Bye Birdie, will allow you to hear in their own words, their experience in this valuable program. NAEF was able to offer this experience to the cast at no cost to any performer in the show!

Once you have seen the great impact we are making, please consider supporting our efforts with an NAEF membership (more details below). Enjoy the video and see if you aren’t smiling by the end!

Be a Part of the Art in Natomas

NAEF Board President, Kelly Cullity, explains why membership is right for you!

My name is Kelly Cullity and I am the new President of the Natomas Arts and Education Foundation (NAEF) Board. Our longtime board president and Natomas Charter School co-founder Charlie Leo recently retired, and I happily stepped into the position after sitting as a regular board member for the past five years. My history with Natomas Charter School, however, goes back much further, as I have had the unique experience of being both a student and teacher at Natomas Charter School. As one of the first students to travel from seventh through twelfth grades at the Performing and Fine Arts Academy (PFAA) and as the vocal teacher at PFAA for six years, I have a unique lens with which to view Natomas Charter School’s needs. I am pleased to harness my experiences as an alum, a former PFAA teacher, and a Natomas resident to help make Natomas Charter School an even better school for your student through NAEF.

It is through NAEF funding that Charter students have had a wealth of experiences both inside and outside of the classroom. We are proud of our Youth Theatre For All  production of Bye Bye Birdie that we produced this past summer which provided a theatrical experience for students throughout Sacramento, free of charge. We were thrilled to offer $16,000 in grant funding to Charter teachers from all five academies last year to enhance student growth and learning. Even with these great accomplishments, we want to do more for your children and our community.

With a commitment from you through our annual membership we will be able to award more grants to Charter teachers to encourage innovation in the classroom, we will be able to support projects across academies for real life learning outside of the classroom, and we will continue to provide artistic opportunities for students both inside and outside of the Charter community, free of charge. We can only do this, however, with your help.

By becoming a member of the Natomas Arts and Education Foundation, you are committing to the belief in the incredible importance of a strong arts education for all students. Of course, there are personal benefits that come with every membership level as you see below, but ultimately the greatest benefit is being an active part of the Natomas Charter School community that works together to provide our students with the greatest experiences imaginable. For as little as $50, your annual NAEF membership allows us to facilitate the possibilities of those artistic and academic experiences.

Thank you for being an active part of our school community, for working so hard to provide your children with the best possible opportunities and for your support of the Natomas Arts and Education Foundation.

Thank you,

Kelly Cullity

Board President, Natomas Arts and Education Foundation

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Especially for California State Employees | Through the Our Promise Campaign, a program offered to state employees to choose and support non-profits through an automatic payroll deduction, you have the option to donate to NAEF. Starting in August you will find us listed as an approved nonprofit for the 2018 campaign. In addition you can come by our booth at the Our Promise Kick-Off event on August 29th from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m on the north steps of the California State Capitol. We hope to meet some of you there and share, one on one, how NAEF impacts our community.






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