Message from NAEF Director, Sierra Hersek
Typically, this space is occupied with an update from me or a message from Kelly Cullity, our Board President. However, for this newsletter, I am thrilled to share a message from our fall semester intern.

Message from NAEF Intern, NCS-PFAA Senior, Kate Brugger

My name is Kate Brugger and throughout this school year, I have been interning for Natomas Arts and Education Foundation (NAEF). As an intern, I have learned so much about NAEF’s operations by assisting Sierra Hersek in the extensive work required to run this organization. I have had the opportunity to observe board meetings, work on spreadsheets and data, and most importantly, see first hand the impact that the organization has on students in the area.

I first experienced NAEF when I stepped into a role that somebody had dropped out of in the Youth Theatre for All production of BYE BYE BIRDIE last summer. It was during that experience that I witnessed the impact NAEF has on the youth community. It was inspiring to seeing all the bright-eyed students, some of whom had never been in a play before, get to work with professionals and participate in a show. That is why I jumped at the chance to support NAEF by working as an intern this year.

One project I enjoyed working on during my internship was planning a masterclass with Tony Award winner Faith Prince. As a participant in many masterclasses throughout my life, I was able to bring the perspective of a student towards planning this event. I worked on communicating with Faith Prince about the most effective way to run the class, and how the students could get the most out of the training. We had two separate events with Faith, one in-school seminar for Natomas Charter School PFAA students, and one longer masterclass event open to the community. At both events, seeing the inspiration in the eyes of students and observers was deeply fulfilling. My favorite part about the experience was going to school the next day and all the students coming up to me telling me their favorite bit of wisdom that Faith shared or how much they enjoyed the class. I was so thrilled to be a part of the planning for this amazing opportunity that NAEF provided for absolutely no cost to participants.

I have been involved in local theatre since I was in second grade, and I know first hand how costly theatre training can be. Growing up, I was able to have incredible artistic experiences, but I was well aware of the financial toll that it had on my family. The decreasing funding for arts in schools combined with the expense of private arts training has made theatre arts inaccessible for some students. The Natomas Arts and Education Foundation wants to remove financial barriers and make art available to everyone. My exposure to art drastically changed my life and carved the path for my entire future. All students deserve this opportunity.  NAEF works very hard to provide exposure to the arts for all students through free summer programs, free master classes, and more. It is, for this reason, I feel so passionately about the cause and am so thrilled to be able to make an impact on my community by supporting this amazing organization. I hope you will join me in supporting NAEF through membership or donation. With our investment, we can help artistically enriching opportunities reach more youth in our community.

Mark your calendar, Big Day of Giving May 2, 2019!

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In the 2018-19 school year, NAEF has awarded 19 grants to creative and artistically enriching programs across all five NCS Academies. Here is a list of the projects, equipment, and programs that were funded.

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